Bumble Adds A New Profile Design With An Overhaul Matchmaking

Image Credits: Bumble

Bumble, which is one of the most popular dating apps in the world has introduced an all-new profile design to its app for the users along with a revamped matchmaking algorithm on the platform. With this latest update, users will see the change instantly as soon as they open a profile of any user. Users will be able to see the other users’ bio including their interests and pronouns right below their photo to give them an idea of brief information about the users. 

Not only this, with the latest update a new feature introduced on the app will give suggestions about photos as well. All these new features are being added by Bumble to offer users a “less-hassle” way in which they could find their potential match by going through a lot less trouble.

As mentioned earlier, the feature of displaying a person’s bio and interests below their first photo is a will to encourage users to build more engaging profiles which will help them to find better matches sooner. Bumble is also offering users an option to socialize by linking their social media accounts from different platforms like Spotify or Instagram, all to increase the user-engagement rate.

As far as the new algorithm is concerned then Bumble said that the new algorithm will be using machine learning technologies for matchmaking which will help to provide better matches. It will also recommend users to a photo that will bring more matches to their profiles.

Along with this, Bumble also iterated that it will be adding safety measures to the app to ensure the safety of users. The latest safety feature based on AI involves detection of behavior and content that goes against Bumble’s community guidelines and violates them. This includes harassment, hate speech, and other inappropriate content in over 100 different languages.

It should be mentioned that Bumble is one of the apps that emerged as a winner from Apple’s 2021 App Store Award in which it got the award for the Top Trend Of The Year: Connection.

Apple said a few words about Bumble in a blog post:

“Bumble met the moment by adding and enhancing features designed to bridge the gap for users hoping to date, forge platonic friendships, and broaden their professional networks — all while fostering women-powered conversations.”