Match Adds A New Human Matchmaking Element To Its Dating App

Image Credits: Match Group Inc

Match Group Inc. has introduced a new feature to its dating app with the same name as the company’s, Match app that will provide users a human filter along with its algorithm. This human matching feature that is added is backed by a 50-member team of dating experts who have been trained by the company as dating coaches. The team members will select two profiles from the algorithmically generated pool every week for the members who participate in this human matchmaking element. 

These profiles that will be selected for the participating users will be guided based on the members’ answers to a set of four questions. These questions can be different ones such as what a person is looking for in his/her dating life, what would he/she change about his/her dating life, etc. This human matchmaking service that is available in the Match app will cost $4.99/week.

The company added this feature and trained a group of dating experts for people who are looking to find a long-term relationship after the pandemic. 

Through this feature, the expert team of Match will narrow down the candidate pool and bring forward only those people who are more compatible with the user according to the answers provided. The matchmakers will only contact the users if they think that they have found a potential long-term match, not just another date. 

Image Credits: Match Group Inc

Rachel DeAlto, chief dating expert at Match said that: 

“It is really just going in and highlighting people and helping them to not feel as overwhelmed or frustrated,”

Match lets people set up their profiles initially after which they can look at the profiles of other people and chat with the top picks generated from the pool by the matchmaking algorithm of the app. The users can access these features through a subscription and once they do so, there are no extra costs involved. There are other add-ons available such as sending unlimited likes to other users but these features aren’t really necessary and you can easily find a match without add-ons.

There is no doubt that algorithms can be extremely helpful in finding matches and solving issues but sometimes, they are not able to generate a match according to the preferences of the users. In such scenarios, wholly and solely relying on algorithms to find a match for you might not be the right thing to do, and adding a human element to match-making can improve the chances of finding a good match. 

Match Group Inc. is a very big name in the dating market that has the largest portfolio of popular online dating services including Match, Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge, and several others that sum up to be more than 40 global dating companies.

Dating companies are now competing with each other to provide unique and different features to their users that would enhance the user experience. Tinder and Hinge, both of which are owned by Match Group have been constantly adding new features to their apps and Match did the same to enhance the user experience and help them find better matches.