Swipe Night Is Back On Tinder Starting From November 7th

Image Credits: Tinder

The most famous dating app in the world, Tinder is bringing back its interactive in-app event, Swipe Night back to the app. Swipe Night was an in-app event that allowed the users to interact with other users in a less conventional way. The next season of Swipe Night is dubbed Swipe Night: Killer Weekend and it will be active from November 7th in 25 countries across the globe.

Users would be able to find the Swipe Night event in the new Explore section of the app that was introduced in June of this year and houses new social events & experiences from the company.

The second season of Swipe Night features a young cast and is targeted mostly for Gen Z. This season is directed by Sasie Sealy and the cast includes Ashley Ganger (Grand Army), Calvin Seabrooks (Dollface, Westworld), Luke Slattery (New Amsterdam, Late Night), Francesca Olivia Xuereb (Room 203, The Sex Lives of College Girls), Nozipho Mclean (The Inheritance, Are You Happy Now), Ivan Carlo (Gossip Girl), and Emile Ravenet.

Tinder has made some changes to the Swipe Night feature and has added some new features to the event. In the first season of the event, the users used to watch a story play out and after watching it, they used to make choices on what should be their next move, however, in the season of Swipe Night, the users will be involved directly in the event and they will even become a suspect in the play. Players will be able to explore around, search rooms within the house, and investigate objects for clues as they become a suspect in the murder mystery.

Image Credits: Tinder

At the end of each week, the participants will be asked to choose which character they consider a suspect and by doing so, they will be paired up with another user who chose a different suspect. The pairing of users with each other is based on their profile preferences including age, gender, distance, etc, and will be done totally using the algorithm.

The users will be paired in a Fast Chat experience where the users can chat without matching with each other and discuss why they chose a particular suspect and analyze the clues and solve the murder mystery together. The reason why the users with different suspect choices are paired up is to facilitate a conversation between the users, something that is tricky and most users struggle with on an online dating app.

When the conversation between the users end and they are able to solve the murder mystery together then they can choose to match with the user if they want to continue to talk to them even after this Swipe Night experience.

Since most of the users have a hard time starting a conversation which is the hardest part of online dating and with the introduction of such low-pressure chat events, it will make it easier for users to initiate a chat without hesitating and by playing a game together, the users will be able to get comfortable with each other before they actually start ‘talking’ with each other.

Swipe Night will be available in 25 markets across the globe unlike the original version which was available in the US only and this event will be playable at any time of the day, unlike the first season. The original version of Swipe Night was pretty limited but with this season, the company has made it available for a huge number of people across the globe.

Such events and experiences can be huge for apps like Tinder as it would increase the user engagement time and also help to provide better results for users in terms of dating. According to Tinder, Swipe Night’s 20 million users saw a 26% increase in matches, which is a huge thing.