Tinder Partners Up With Spotify To Launch A New Music Mode Feature

Image Credits: Tinder

Tinder is finally building on its Anthem feature that it introduced back in 2016 by partnering up with Spotify to let users pick a song and feature it on their profiles. The latest news comes with the addition of a new Music Mode which will let the users hear the song set by someone as their “Anthem”. 

Tinder will be partnering up with Spotify on this Music Mode feature and users who have a Spotify account will be able to integrate Music Mode onto their profiles and pick a song that will show their music taste or represent themselves. 

Tinder added a new Explore tab in the app to increase user interaction and add new features to the app that will help users to find their potential match in fun and interesting ways. With this Music Mode feature, users will be able to hear other members’ anthems(if they set one) as they swipe through their profiles. 

For this feature to work, the other user has to add an Anthem to their profile and the swiper must have the Music Mode feature turned on from the Explore section of the app. The users will hear a 30-second looped preview of their potential match’s anthem or chosen song while they visit and check out their profile.

This feature will be rolling out to Tinder users all over the world where Spotify is available in the upcoming days. It is based on the fact that music taste is a part of human connections and it will allow users to find a better match that has the same music taste like them.

“Now with Music Mode, our members can experience that feeling when you’re at a party and you find out someone else loves the same songs you do,”

Tinder’s Vice President of Product Innovation, Kyle Miller said in a Press Release.

For some people, the taste in music of their potential partner matters a lot and with this feature, users will be able to hear their favorite song or anthem right when they visit their profile which will make it easier for them to make an inference.